Bill McGlaughlin regards everyone he meets as a new best friend and potential convert to musical fanatic. Happily, he’s found a way to channel this impulse which could frighten away tender souls.

The answer is — radio shows, for starters and then residencies built on radio shows. McGlaughlin has performed residencies at Universities — SUNY Purchase, University of Wisconsin, Bowling Green State University, to name a few — outdoors by rumble of 6th Avenue traffic, at Bryant Park, in New York City or by the fire sirens of Grant Park in Chicago  — in churches and public schools and senior citizen centers. Even in shopping malls, if there’s a spot for a wind quintet to attract a crowd, for example.

Each residency is different, depending on the level of musical experience and needs of the presenter. Activities range from working with student ensembles, coaching, presenting discussions (lecture seems too formal a word here), organizing a high spirited reaction to listening to music together. Whether scholarship is the intent or a public concert, everyone leaves a McGlaughlin residency happy and a little smarter about music.

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