Bill McGlaughlin is known for the unusual breadth of his repertoire. “In my first position, with the St. Paul Chamber orchestra, I arrived knowing the standard symphonic repertoire I’d grown up with — Beethoven to Bartok, essentially. The Chamber Orchestra hardly played any of that — our fare was 17th and 18th century music and a whole lot of new music written yesterday. I had to able to learn music very quickly, virtually at sight and that ability has stood me in good stead.”

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Through decades of conducting symphony orchestras, McGlaughin performed  all of the standard repertoire from Monteverdi on with a strong emotional attachment to American masters — Gershwin and Copland to the present. He is a four time winner of awards from ASCAP for adventurous programming and his opera repertoire, to give an example, runs from a ground breaking “native American” production of Magic Flute at the San Antonio Festival to the operas of Anthony Davis — X, Under the Double Moon and Tanya.

“My years as Music Director of four orchestras left me with a wealth of extraordinary music under my fingers and I love it all,” says McGlaughlin.


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