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Ask Bill

Just got to hear some of your nice program on tempo and it reminded me of a device I always wanted someone to invent: a tempo changer. Maybe if you mention that on the air, someone will build it!

Great idea, but I’d actually recommend getting yourself an orchestra. Then you’ll have the fun of trying to convince a bunch of temperamental musicians of the rightness of your tempi.

The problem with just changing the tempo is that it wouldn’t change the host  of other things musicians would change if they were to take a different tempo – volume, bow stroke, vibrato, etc.

But, now that I’m really considering it, it’s a lovely idea for the short term. I’m pretty sure my engineer told me such software is already in existence. I’ll ask him.

Thanks for writing.
Bill McG

Ask Bill

What Huxley text did you refer to on Exploring Music, Monday, April 23rd, 2012?

Thanks for writing. The Huxley book is Point Counter Point, which dates from 1928, when the notion of listening to a Beethoven Quartet at home, when it never had been possible, is mind-blowing. I listened to that this morning too, and haven’t been able to get the Heilige Dankgesang out of my head all day. It was lovely putting that show together and I hope you have a chance to check out the Huxley novel. I believe it was made into a BBC TV piece some years ago, but just grab the book from the library and put it on your mental turntable.  Glad you’ve been enjoying the show.

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